Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

What do we need to bring? (Born Outisde of Canada)

You must bring your Permanent Resident Card, your passport and a valid (not expired) Quebec Medicare Card.ƒ

What documents do we need to bring? (Born in Canada)

Born in Canada, you must bring a long format (Parent’s names included) Birth Certificate.

What time are the morning classes?

Morning classes start at 8:40am and finish at 12:40pm.

What level do I go to?

When you come to register you will be tested by a teacher and placed in the appropriated level.

Can I come three days a week?

The morning classes are from Monday to Friday

Are there part-time classes?

We have classes in the evening from 5:30pm to 9:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

How do I get to Wagar?

From the Plamondon metro take bus 161 west. Get off at Kildare and Parkhaven in Cote St. Luc

What level do I go to?

Testing for placement is done upon registration.

I have many English text books, do I have to buy a book from your school?

Yes, every student that registers at Wagar for English or French must buy the book corresponding to that particular level.

If I don't have all my money when I go to register, can I pay another day?

No, you have to pay the entire amount the day you register.

If I register for the morning class and I find a job, can I change to the evening class?

Usually there is no problem, but you will have to speak to administration to get permission.

If I have a DEP (Diplome des Études Professionelle), can I take an English class?

Yes you can, but your English level of speaking and writing must be at least at a pre-secondary level.

Will I get a diploma or a certificate after I finish my English or French level?

You will receive a mark from the Quebec Ministry of Education certifying your studies.

Will I speak English after one year at school?

You will need to practice speaking English with other people outside of school, this will help your listening and speaking skills. This will depend on the time effort and practice you are able to give to your studies.

I need to finish my English and Canadian History to get my high school diploma.

Wagar does not have academic courses, you have to call one of the other adult education centres.

Can I miss school if my child is sick?

Please try to advise your teacher of all absences.

My daughter is 16 years old and I want to register ger for an English class.

Your child can register but she must be 16 years old before July 1st of the current year. And the parent must also sign for him/her.

Can I take a citizenship class at Wagar?

Courses could be given depending on the number or requests.

What else does Wagar offer?

Wagar has free parking, a bus direct to and from Villa Maria for evening students, field trips, guest speakers, holiday celebrations and more.